Thursday, November 12, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Can it be nearly December already? Yes, it is. And time to decorate my Aunt Jackie's Christmas Tree for the ARC Festival of Trees!

Last year, I was super organized and had all the ornaments made by October. This year has been a little more challenging. But Aunt Jackie's tree will still be special. Continuing the "O Holy Night" theme from last year, we are creating a "Wise Men Still Seek Him" theme this year.

After brainstorming with other home school moms about what "gift" type ornaments we could represent on the tree, and then searching the web for ideas, I found this link. Paper ornament boxes! Ours are a little different, no Santa, for instance. I printed the Nativity and the Star on some, along with the "Wise Men Still Seek Him" text on others. Skimped a little on the tassles, used curling ribbon instead. Saving pennies here to spend on other projects for the tree.

If you choose to print this template, here are a few tips: Once you print and cut along the solid lines, use a kabob stick to score all the dotted lines before you try to fold. It makes the folds so much easier. I put a piece of craft foam on the table to make the surface a little softer to score the paper. Taped the outside end of the box. Finally used the two pieces of ribbon to tie the ends together. There are four holes to tie, one piece for two holes.

To get the picture on the back of the template, use pre-printed Christmas Stationary, stamps or photoshop software and clip art.

The other ornaments for Aunt Jackie's tree will include tissue paper and styrofoam stars, Christian Wise Men balls, and craft foam oriental ornaments. I'll post pictures as we make 'em.

It can be the most wonderful time of the year! Thanks Aunt Jackie for this opportunity to share joy all year long!

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