Wednesday, June 3, 2009


or Works for Me Wednesday! I love this subject title, so I am going to try and see if I can post something simple that Works for Me each Wednesday.

Year round school? No, I couldn't keep it up. Nor could I manage last summer's goal of a unit study. I loved the "idea" of a Charlotte's Web unit, visiting farms, learning about animals. But I couldn't pull all the stuff together.

And we don't do too many camps either, so the idea of keeping some school going during the summer is important to me. Here's the simple plan for this summer: Summer Bridge Competition. This set of workbooks are to "bridge the summer" between grades. 50 worksheets, one per day, on various topics. Some reading, some grammar, some math.

The competition is between the local cousins, with a trip to Putt Putt for all and medal to the cousin with the highest score at the end of the summer.

To round out the morning for my own students, there are a few books we didn't quite complete. Each child will continue working on ONE additional subject. For Lee (8th grade) it's vocabulary. Anna (5th grade) reading comprehension. For Bill(2nd grade) it's Sing, Spell, Read and Write Grand Tour.

Hopefully, the incentive of a celebration and reward will be enough to motivate them (and me!).
What are your summer plans?

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