Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For my 29th...er 39th Birthday

The only birthday that might have been harder to grasp, was my 29th. Inexplicably, I had forgotten that I turned 28. For two years I thought I was 27. Then, bam, 29.

Today, my second day as a 39 year, not too bad. Holly is still asleep and I am posting this. :-)
We ended a beautiful day with this water fight below:

Lee has an unfair advantage with the actual water hose!
Holly thinks the game of "run wildly through the field" is great fun!

My true nature boy is ready to fire!
Since neither Bill nor Anna can get close enough to Lee, he chooses to cool off directly.

Ah, the one disadvantage to having Holly on your team. Randomly, as only babies do, she would cut off Lee's water supply. hee hee!

Bike ramp? No, a slide.
Some one missed their target, hits Holly instead. Close up below:
Hey! Where did that come from?

Anna and Bill reload
The switch off. Anna gets the water hose, Lee and Bill work out a strategy.
Anna soaks them both!

Bill's turn at the water hose, Lee tries to use his shirt as a shield or a diversion, not sure?
Holly starts to take up a water gun to defend herself. Don't fear the water though, she has a strong bat!
Me and Lee enjoying the best days of summer.
(I'm holding the camera, kids were tooooo wet!)


Amanda said...

What a fun day that was! And a very cute picture of you!

mum2twelve said...

WHAT?You had a birthday and didn't tell me! :-(

AWESOME photos, what a fun day you guys had. When we get to Marian House - we will have to pick up some water guns and join the battle. Think maybe we should pulls names from a bucket to pick sides thought - what say you!?

SO then, BELATED Happy 39th Birthday! Oh and I was 29 for two yrs... Most annoyed. When I turned 28 - I thought I was 29... then I had my REAL 29th birthday and was so annoyed at realizing I had missed being 28!