Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holly - 18 mos

Yeah, I'm a big girl. Just hanging out here in the dining room ready for my grammar lesson.
Drinking out of a big girl cup, kickin' back with the big kids.
That's me.

She's doing great! We went to visit Dr. David (PS), got a good report. Saw Dr. Kearse (ENT) and he seemed satisfied with the tubes in her ears. No special treatment for the swimming pool (Hooray!) And we are set for another 6 months.

Holly's GI doctor is pleased with her progress too. She is down from 40 mg to 20 mg of Nexium! And sometime in July we will start skipping days to slowly, slowly wean her off this medicine altogether.

She is eating more, different foods although chicken soup like meals make up the marjority. We've added spaghetti, light on the sauce and some beef and vegetable dishes too. Most exciting food item of the summer is popsicles! And maybe Captain Crunch berries (just the berries) with Silk (soy milk).

No, I don't sort out the berries, but she does!

Holly would love eat some milk products and was quite adamant that she get the mac and cheese Bill was having for dinner one night. I caved. She had some, liked it and was up 4 times that night. Just up and up and up. Her tongue has that geographic thing going on again. So I think that's close enough to milk for now.

She loves the pool and I am having flash backs to when the others were little and playing in the shallow end. Very glad we have hung on the big yellow truck sand box. Love to play in the water with Holly there. Love, love seeing the others play with her and remember "when" too!

Looking forward to rest of summer. Hope you are too!

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