Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Meal, I mean, Father's Day!

Bakerella posted these adorable desserts on her site, including the paper trays and french fry holders. Cupcakes, cookies AND paper crafts?!? How could I resist?

We followed her directions, with a few exceptions. My baking partner (because I thought something as nifty as this warranted 2 families!) choose to make her brownies from scratch. When she called to ask, cocoa powder or chocolate squares...I replied: box mix. She less than enthused by my suggestion : -)

Second change was in baking the french fry cookies. Bakerella rolled and cut hers, then cut them again after baking. I choose to use the mix, as directed, but scooped the cookies and flattened them with a mallet slightly wet dipped in sugar. Almost like rolling and cutting circles, without the rolling and cutting. Then cut the cookies while still warm into fry strips. I think I could have cut them thinner, if I had taken a little more time, but still looked just like french fries!

Happy Meals are ready to go! We just needed a Dad to sing too. Fortunately, Hugo was game for the "honor". We sang "For he's a jolly good fellow." And repeated the whole thing again once we got home for our own Dear Dad.
Nathaniel's burger, somehow, slipped through our quality control and had no ketchup or mustard. For that he scored a second happy meal! Bill looks ready to dig in!

Thanks Bakerella, for a great idea. And fun afternoon to boot.
Happy Father's Day Dad!

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