Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homeschool...happy school

First the first time since we began, three years ago, I get to repeat a grade! Hooray! My second child is entering 6th grade, which my first child completed 3 years ago.

Compared to that year, I feel like a genius. We have been through 6th grade before. At last, a year where, everything is not NEW. I can finally, finally draw a little from experience and build our curricula with some actual first hand knowledge.

The grades coming up for us are: 3rd, 6th and 9th. Here's the tenative plan:

3rd grade: Continue Sing Spell Read and Write, Grand Tour. (this includes: spelling, reading, grammar and history). I will add CHC Tour a Country theme and modify it to "Tour a State." I liked Math U See this year, just need to find what level is right for this grade. Science we will work with our local co-op again, using Harcourt Science. Labs are done together in the group. Definitely will purchase Catholic Heritage Curricula's cursive handwriting and the Faith and Life books for this grade. Already have Catholic Tales and The Apostle on Crutches, we'll read that too. Can't forget: Latinia Christiana I with co-op too. That is enough!

6th grade: Continue Math U See (fractions) and pick up the next book when we are through with this. I really, really wanted to use the Apologia science series when we did this grade the first time, but was reluctant to buy more. However, never really found anything that I liked better, so this time around: Apologia! Already have Stories of the Saints (reading comprehension and history). Will add Catholic Heritage's Writing, Spelling and Grammar books. This particular child will also be signed up for Latinia Christiana II, Art and Discovery Place science, all group activities. Must stop here! Too much good stuff to choose from.

Now for my only new, new grade: 9th. Sigh. This has been a difficult decision to make. We are enrolling in Seton Home Study School. It will be a challenge, one I am sure we are up for. Lock, stock and barrel, we will be in. I like the accountability to some one else, I like the record keeping they will do, I like the grading they offer and the teacher available to help. I had reached the very tippy end of my knowledge in grammar this year. We need some one else.
This one may also pariticpate in the Discovery Place Science, like the labs and group setting.

There I said it. It's all in writing. Now I just have to follow through!

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