Friday, June 12, 2009

Fools' Gold

This thought has been running through my mind a lot lately: All that is gold does not glitter. It's a very positive outlook on the world. Sometimes what I see really doesn't glitter at all. Like last week for instance.

A friend stopped by the other morning, and I said something like: too tired to do the dishes last night, sorry the kitchen is a mess. I think we both knew that was a lie. Really, I am too tired to do the dishes EVERY night. Even if I'm not too tired. I do not do dishes at night. I think she recognized the lie because in the recent past she has actually washed my hand. (hey, dish washer extraordinaire: thank you for being kind enough not to say anything about it.)

It helps to remember the gold/glitter reality of life. The real gold in my home is in the children, my husband and most of all in our faith.

The opposite of that verse helps too: All that glitters is not gold. When you see the shiny flashy side of life, just make sure you know what is your looking at. Something worthwhile? Worth your time, your effort, or just a diversion from the real gold in your life.

God has given each of us gold, just right for you and me. I think I'll try to polish up the house a little this week, to show the "gold" I love them :-)

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mum2twelve said...

You LIED to me... ;-) I am SO gullible.