Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whine, whine, whine

My sister just got a new software to make digital scrapbook pages! Hooray! Now we can scrap together, even if by phone.

Except, all I've heard so far is how hard it is and how slow the computer is and ...

I almost, almost wanted to say: hey, knock it off. Almost.

I didn't because of course, everyday she has faithfully commiserated with me over Holly's night time adventures. Every day. And never once has she told me to get a grip. Not to mention how I have labored over the point here on the blog.

Of course, I remember how little Bill and Anna slept when he was a baby. If I wasn't up with one, I was up with the other. Those were crazy days too.

Anyway, I am off to my sister's house tonight to break in the new software. And am so excited for us to be scrapping together again!

And, T, thanks for listening.

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