Saturday, March 14, 2009


One mystery solved. Although I had thought the switch to soy toddler formula had helped the unsual raw, red spots on Holly's tongue. They reappeared this past week or so.

The spots begin small. And seem to be raw red patches on her tongue. And these patches move around. Beginning in one spot and moving to other areas. Never quite covering her whole tongue but sometimes very large areas are affected.

This condition is called Geographic tongue. It doesn't have any clear cause or cure, it comes and goes. It can cause the tongue to be sensitive or tender. But according the the Mayo Clinic website, it can have triggers. One of these triggers is allergies. Maybe Holly got something with milk in it? Maybe it was something else.

Either way, I believe this Geographic Tongue contributes to Holly's inconsistent eating habits. Some days she will mow down her food. Other times she won't eat anything. These past two weeks she has eaten less and less solid food. Over this last week hardly anything solid at all, not even her favorite pretzel sticks.

I think the tides are turning and her tongue looked better yesterday. Holly ate a little soup and a pretzel stick, and slept better too. At least I have a name to the condition, I've been asking since August. Finally asked the right doctor.


Katy said...

I have a geographic tongue also. I kept asking my dentist about it and he never knew, but finally a new hygienist at a different office told me what it was. When there are raw patches it can be painful for me to eat acidic or salty foods. But thankfully it only flares up occasionally. I don't remember having it as a child. I first noticed it in my early 20's, so I guess it is something you can develop later in life.

Good Remedy said...

Hello Katy, have you found that there are certain triggers to cause a flare up? Just wish I could solve this problem for Holly. It is not as bad as it was, I'm grateful for that! Sincerely, Peggy