Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sour Stomach

This coming Tuesday, Holly will have an endoscope to finally see what is going on in that tummy. The GI doctor is looking for one of four things: acid, allergies, ulcer or bacteria. Since the prevacid isn't healing whatever is happening, the doctor said he needs to know exactly what he is dealing with.

So here we go, another procedure, another anesthesia, 5th time in a year. Almost to the day of her first surgery. Leaves me with a sour stomach.

On the positive side, at last the doctor does believe there is something wrong. Up until now he (and every other doctor we've seen) has been saying things like: this is very rare, not likely your daughter has any allergy or reflux, she'll out grow it. Very aggravating to keep showing up with a list of 'what happened this month' and hear that there is probably nothing wrong.

So he believes me now. And I have a new focus for Lent: Forgiveness. And still Hope. After all this isn't a tv show where you get an answer at the end of 30 mins.

Please remember Holly on Tuesday, ask God to give this doctor wisdom to find the cause of her tummy troubles.

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The Dawkins said...

Holly will be in our thoughts and prayers...and her Mommy too!!