Friday, March 6, 2009

Sleepless in NC

Forget any advice I have EVER offered on sleep. Holly is like The Borg. Except cuter.

Resistance is Futile.

She adapts to every sleep strategy with an amazing speed. We try oatmeal or rice, one night it works. Never again though. She rejects the bottle out right. Then is hungry the rest of the night. Which means AWAKE.

We tried sleep training. First night cried for 15 mins, fell asleep. Second night, cried until she threw up.

We tried Motrin (thinking about teething pain). First night slept for hours. Never worked again. Stopped after third night because after all Motrin isn't really good for anyone. Especially anyone with stomach troubles.

We tried making sure she has a big supper. Then light supper in case too much food is too heavy.

She falls asleep no problem. Keeping her asleep is the struggle. I think last night was teeth. Tylenol and that baby orajel worked in 4 hour intervals.

I need a new plan.

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The Ski's said...

Isn't this soooo stressful??? I feel your pain. Truly. Reid is very similar. I found with him that no bedtime snack is the key for us. I think too much on the belly before bed was an issue for him. Teething pain is also tough. It's so hard to know. We did the whole cry it out thing with Ellie and she also would let it work for a night or 2...then boom...crying for 3 hours straight. With Reid when he wakes up, I walk in his room, turn on his music player in his bed that has soft music and a low light, lay him down, never pick him up, walk out saying night night. He will cry for maybe 30 seconds...and then out...and does this only one time a night maybe every week or so. Other than that...he sleeps through. Now, never mind if he gets sick or something...then we have to retrain again...but truly, the no picking up thing helps him. I know every little one is so different. Ellie was a pain at night and didn't sleep well until after 3 years old. I pray that we can "train" Reid sooner than that. So good. I'll ne thinking of you! I know how stressful that is.