Monday, March 23, 2009

About last night...

Most days, when I see my Dad, he asks, "What was the schedule last night?" Sometimes I can say, she was up two times. On bad nights I say "I don't remember."

But I remember last night and I'll be calling the GI doctor today. Here's the run down:

Sunday (day)
(1) one hour nap

Sunday (night)
6:30 bedtime
9:30 2 ounces
11:30 pm 2 ounces + Tylenol (she would fall asleep sitting up and cry/arch back when she laid down)
2:30 am 2 ounces same thing, except instead of sleeping 3 more hours...
3:30 am 2 ounces + Mylicon, again would sleep sitting up
4:30 am Mylicon
5ish (who really cares by now?) She was up for the day.

I can't really blame her. That's a really bad night.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry. You must both be miserable. Your date stamp says it all. I hope you were able to get a nap in today and she's so exhausted she sleeps through her discomfort tonight. Lee and your kids must be feeling it too.

I wish there was something I could do to help. If nothing else, I bought that cupcake book Sunday, thinking of you, and you can borrow it and think happy thoughts, as long as you're awake! If there's anything else, let me know. Drop the kids off on the way to the doc or something?

Daniel had sleep apnea when he was young -- would stop breathing. Until his tonsils and adenoids were taken out he slept in a carseat, and I hovered. The carseat kept him upright and his airway clearer, somehow.