Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of flies and honey

“A spoonful of honey attracts more flies than a barrelful of vinegar"

"Do as the little children who with one hand hold fast to the hand of their father and with other gather strawberries or blackberries along the hedges. In the same manner, while gathering and managing the goods of this world with one hand, hold fast with the other to the hand of your heavenly Father, turning to see is your actions or occupations are pleasing to him."

"Be both Martha and Mary. Diligently carry out your duties and often recollect yourself and put yourself in spirit at the feet of our Lord. Say, "My Lord, wether I'm rushing around or staying still, I am all yours and you are all mine. You are my first spouse, and whatever I do is for the love of you."

St. Francis De Sales

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