Monday, August 11, 2008

Tidbits and Updates

I have started a few posts, but never got to finish them, so I will just put a summary here:

  • Holly's Summer has included 1 Surgery, 2 ear infections and 1 case of thrush. In addition to many hours of fun watching and playing with her brother and sisters. As for my hope that July would be "doctor's office free", not quite. Anyway, including tomorrow's visit to the plastic surgeon we will have made 5 visits in 7 days.
  • I am beginning to feel like I need a disclaimer that says I don't have that weird syndrome where mothers bring babies to the doctor for their own personal attention. At this point with Holly, when a doctor/nurse asks, "Is she doing better?" I just say "I don't know, would you please check her ears." That's all I want. I need that darn light and a short class on the color of a normal ear drum.
  • What you say to a doctor is not as important as HOW you say it. I made the mistake of using the word "reflux". Should have used "acid". Got a long lecture on how there-is-absolutely-no-medicine-on-the-market-today-to-treat-reflux-in-any-possible-way. Did learn that a common cold can increase the ACID in a baby's stomach. (Note to self: use ACID from now on. Also, avoid saying "spit up". That is automatically dismissed as "my laundry problem" not an actual painful thing for Holly. Hey, how often do you "happily spit up" your supper?)
  • The balance of power has shifted in the yard. We are finally seeing the more beautiful side of Mother Nature. Once the wasp population was drastically reduced, we have gotten to see birds, butterflies and all sorts of beetles return to the yard. Who knew? The wasps are not completely gone. At least I can sit by the swing with the children and relax a little.
  • Fruit flys: Check. Little Black Ants: Check. Mom improved my vinegar solution by one ingenious step. Soak a towel, or paper towel, with white vinegar. Place that where the ants are coming in. Haven't had anymore since.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather today, stopping by to visit friends and family and ending the day at the neighborhood pool. Hope the rest of summer is as nice for us and you too!

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