Thursday, August 28, 2008


The feedjit box at the bottom of the blog is one of my favorite things. I love to scroll through the live feed box and see what people searched on that brought to this site.

Everytime though, that I see the search phrase "baby distended belly" or "baby cries all the time" or "baby allergy", my heart aches.

I know you. I have been you. Searching for answers. Wondering why the doctors won't offer any reasonable, believable advice. Why am I having to search the internet for answers? Why do I get that "as long as she is growing, she is fine" speech, even now. When we all know now, she is not quite fine? Better, way better. But not fine.

If you are reading this because you are looking for answers, don't give up. Your baby is counting on you. Be persistent. Can you imagine a doctor telling an adult who is crying all the time, and has a distended belly, and a rash across their chest, and can't have a BM without medicine, and coughs alot and has a constant runny nose: "You're not losing weight, so you are fine. Goodbye." I don't think so.

As the mother of four precious children. I seen countless ear infections, temper tantrums, and loads of spit-up. But nothing like what Holly went through those first few months.

Bottom line: Babies cry for 4 reasons: hungry, tired, wet diaper or burp. Otherwise something is wrong. If your child has any of the symptons I have mentioned, keep looking for answers. And know that you are in my prayers for God to send you the Spirit of wisdom to guide and protect you and your child.

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