Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho to the Beach We Go!

Trying to get a picture of me and Holly, using the timer on our camera.
We are getting ready to go on a loooong awaited family trip. To prepare, I searched the net for advice on traveling with a baby with GERD (or Reflux). Can you believe the actual advice on the Infant GERD site was: don't go. Wait until next year.
In the beginning, I may have agreed. Holly could barely sit in a car seat to drive for 10 minutes. But she was still an infant too. Now, with the Reflux somewhat under control, and with a few short road trips behind us, I would never dream of waiting longer for this trip.
Meet my friend, Diana. Her son, now 10 years old, must have had GERD. But back then no one knew what that was. Oh, Thomas cried and cried and cried. My heart broke for them both. Thinking about today still makes me sad for them! But this did not stop Diana. Her motto: Why should I suffer alone? Let's go!
Good advice. Why stay at home with everyone miserable AND alone? Go!
Tips for traveling with a baby with GERD: Make sure you bring the baby's medicine, and Mylicon too. Plan to stop often. Try to time your driving with sleeping if possible. A Tucker Sling will fit over the pack and play mattress, bring it. This won't be the easiest trip we've ever taken, but wait till next year? No way. Holly will do exactly the same things at the beach that she is doing here. Let's go!
Unless there are other things (like surgery and recovery) in your way, a change of scenery is really a good idea. If your baby has GERD, take a few minutes to think about it. Where can you go? How far can you drive? What can you manage? It is possible!
Most of all think: Trip not Vacation. The change of scenery will do everyone good. Most of all you (and me!). It may not be the family vacation you see in the commericals, but family trips are fun too!

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