Saturday, August 2, 2008

How Blind Are You?

I may have mentioned that I began the Light Weigh during the summer of 2005. That would be the same year "The Biggest Loser" first aired on NBC. I remember looking at the participants as each one weighed in, the men shirtless, the women in those ill-fitting spandex outfits. So embarrassing.

But more than the clothing, I remember saying to Lee, "Do you see that woman? I weigh what she weighs. Do I look like that?" Smart man that he is, he said "No." But facts is facts. And Satan is the great deceiver. I must have looked like that. Shortly after that night, my mom gave me a picture of me and a high school friend, Yvonne. She was 9 months pregnant, I was not. I threw the picture away.

All season, I watched intently the weekly weigh-ins. I was not going through what those people were. But I was still losing the weight. At the end of my 3 - 12 week sessions of Light Weigh I had lost 10 more pounds than Andre. Without walking one mile or counting fat grams or calories. I admired what those people were doing to change their lives, it took a great amount of courage and perserverance. At the same time, I was very grateful God had not called me to that path to achieve weight loss!

But Satan waits at the other end of the scale too. I wonder if I will ever trust my own reflection in the mirror again. The Light Weigh lesson here is this: Satan is ok with half. He will accept your half hearted attempts, the reluctant slip-ups. Satan will accept the doubts that hold you back. But God won't. God wants the whole. The whole of YOU. Not lukewarm, but on fire for Him. Even if I don't trust what I see in the mirror, I must place whole-hearted trust in God's plan for my life. Including The Light Weigh. I must trust that God designed my body to know how to eat healthy and well. Trust that I do know when I am hungry and when I am not. Because, made in His image, I am designed that way!

The grace is knowing God wants all of me, and the path for me to find Him is not complicated or painful or difficult, it is Simply Obedience. What is the blindness in your life? Well, the answer is the same: Committ yourself to God, with as much courage and perserverance as those TV show contestants. You will find the path is simple for you too. Obey Him.

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