Saturday, September 26, 2009

Square Dancing

Circle Family, Forward and Back, Dosado, Swing Your Partner and Promenade....

That's what we are doing over here. Circling, Forward and Back. This past Wednesday, Holly went to sleep with a CUP and slept through the night. She was down to ONE bottle of toddler soy formula, at bed time, and one bottle of water in the middle of the night.

Making the leap to a cup of water was finally at hand. Goodbye Haberman.

But now, 3 days and a flu virus later, she is firmly back on the bottle formula all day and night, refusing food in any shape.

Circle Family, Forward and Back. I have got to break this cycle. Somehow. I can not wait to be rid of this Haberman for ever. Here's hoping by Monday we will be on a better track.

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