Friday, October 2, 2009

The OK Corral

Yep. There was a showdown at the OK Corral this week. I corralled our Little One Feather, with the hopes of victory over the bottle.

People always say choose your battles wisely. I agree. I have never, ever, ever fought over food. I choose sleep. Eat what you will, as long as you sleep. (Of course, I'm not fool hearty, what available makes a difference too.)

But we all know by now, the victory of an uninterrupted night for Holly (and me!) begins and ends with food. If she doesn't eat, she is hungry and that can only mean the bottle all night long. So the battle lines were drawn this Thursday: One hot dog bite or else.

She had been chewing and spitting out food all week. Not really eating much of anything. On Thursday morning, I put her little table and chair near our time out chair. And the battle commenced. 30 mins of spitting out hotdogs and time out, and finally one bite. Chewed and swallowed.

Was it really a victory? I think so. She has eaten better since. And today took a half a hot dog in about three bites and wanted more. Hopefully tonight will be a good night for both of us, one bottle and bedtime. I can dream right?

Tomorrow: water.


mum2twelve said...

congratulations - waiting to hear of you slept well. I did not... despite Cecilia crunching down on a slice of pizza and eating an amazing amount for a little body... she woke twice to nurse and when was not waking up, Elsa was waking up - thirsty. And when both were sleeping - I was waking up 'cause I was cold or 'cause I was too hot... or because I was having really weird dreams... In a year or two - I might get to sleep through the night again ... maybe. :-) In the meantime - I think I need to put my vitamins beside the tea box... I just might remember to take them then!

Good Remedy said...

Hmmm, vitamins beside the tea box? Last I remember reading on your blog, that might not be such a good idea.

Off to take a vitamin myself. Not too much sleep for me, but really like that Ken Burns National Park show on pbs.