Friday, September 4, 2009

What's the big fuss about?

You'd have to be under a rock not to know about the uproar over President Obama addressing 4th grade students. So many drastic things have been said on either side. I, myself, first thought "What's the big fuss about?"

I suppose though, that it is not just this one action but the accumulation of a few recent headline grabbing things President Obama has initiated.

1. Government run health care already has everyone up in arms over too much government control over our lives.
2. That website to "report people who are questioning the health care initiative". I think the intention was good, to help people find out more about the plan. It just SOUNDS LIKE "report on your neighbor to the government."
3. Thrown in that public service ad that describes the President as "lonely" and ends with Ashton and Demi pledging to serve Barack Obama. If only, if only all these A-Listers had said "pledge to serve OUR COUNTRY." And if this video hadn't been in elementary school. Since it includes issues like stem cell research.

And that leads up to President Obama's address to 4th graders. His actual address will most likely be like all his other prepared speeches, charismatic and uplifting. (That's one of the reasons he got elected, he knows how to speak to his audience.) It's that darn teachers curriculum. Telling teachers how to teach kids how the should serve the President. Back to the previous point, its SERVE THE COUNTRY.

Oh, I know the curriculum has been changed now, to encourage children to set their own goals and reach them...but over 2000 internet articles too late.

I only thought McCain needed better advisers during the election. President Obama may need a few new PR people now.

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