Thursday, July 2, 2009

The really good news!

We finally have had a meeting with the Children's Developmental Services Agency (think: speech therapy!). Two very nice women have come to our home to evaluate Holly to see if she needs therapy for speech and nutrition. (I mean clearly you CAN live on Karo syrup and Chicken Noodle soup, but should you?)

Here's the good news: Holly no longer needs the Karo, hooray. One day I cut back, the next I left it out and no problems. She drank the toddler soy and was fine! And tonight she ate applesauce with cereal mixed in, a couple of bites of steak, a few carrots and some baked beans. What more could I ask for? I think she has really turned a corner with her food choices. For the better!

From the Evaluation Team Member, Holly is doing well in every area of development but speech. At 19 months old, she communicates at the level of a 15 mos old. I think that is a generous evaluation, but the lady said this included "understanding" and "expression". Oh yeah. She can understand and express herself. No doubt about it :-)

Either way, 15 mos old for communications is not too shabby for our Little One Feather. So we meet with the Speech Evaluation Team Member next week. The Nutritionist will review the form I completed and see if we need to go to the next step for that. After Holly's dinner tonight, I think she is doing GREAT. But would like to know from an expert if we are on track.

More later... Need to take some pictures at the pool!

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