Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy 70th Anniversary Aunt Alice and Uncle Tony

Mom, Dad and Marcia

It's easy to be grateful in America. So very much to be grateful for. Mostly, for the peace in which we live. When I watch Holly run around the yard, I'm pretty sure she is safe. Except for the bees :-)

Then I get an email from my mom reminding us all about Aunt Alice and Uncle Tony's 70th Anniversary is today and I am grateful for the life they have shared and the commitment they kept. Uncle Tony said it wasn't easy, but worth it.

And the second picture...well I see my son Lee in both Mom and Dad here. I see the yard where we all played baseball, kick ball. My sister Marcia and how she remembers everyone's birthday and how much she loves us all. And if you were to see a picture of Mom and Dad today, it is just the same, love and joy, even through all not-so-easy parts too.

Thank you, God for all the things in my life I have to be grateful for and the reminders in these pictures of your blessings.

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