Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinah Claus

Diana came to visit! And bearing gifts. When Anna was little, Diana always had a little "something" for her, well, always. Anna called her Dinah Claus. She's not too far off.
Holly even let Diana hold her for a few minutes. But she loves the books! (Me too)

The boys, Lee, Thomas and Bill. I think Lee was not impressed with the video game interruption. He and Thomas were in some kind of "James Bond" showdown.
The girls, Anna and Emmalee have been at this picture taking thing so long now, they know what to do. Holly I believe Holly will catch on one day!

It is so good to visit with friends, catch up, see everyone doing so well. And you do know, Dinah Claus, that we all love to visit even with out the "little somethings"!!!! Love you!

1 comment:

mum2twelve said...

WHEN did you fit this visit in? ;-)

PS I have been craving a tea and today the word verification is TEAnesic... is that not PROfestic??