Thursday, September 4, 2008


Holly and I made a solo trip to Winston today. She wasn't impressed by being in the car with out her playmates, Anna and Bill. With no one to distract her, except Mom who was driving, Holly was a little ticked.

Eventually, I found a sunglasses bag, with a drawstring that amused her long enough to fall asleep. She is definitely all about The New Stuff. The regular baby toys were promptly tossed to the ground.

Anyway, we made it to the ENT and yes, Holly will have tubes put in her ears at the next surgery. With her fourth ear infection behind us and fluid still in both ears, Dr. Kirse said better now than later. We want Little One Feather to be able to hear and speak as well as possible.

Not like she is having any trouble NOW getting her point across... Bill has even noticed what a good life a baby has. But he declined to chance to sleep in a crib and drink only milk.

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