Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday in the Park

Thankfully, Dan Nicholas is mostly in the shade. The heat did not do me in, as I feared. Even Milli, who is about 7 months along, managed to survive the 90 degree day. We had such a nice afternoon, meeting new friends, seeing for once, other babies with the Haberman bottle!

A few years ago, PBS ran a program about life on the frontier. One wife remarked how lonely her life was out there. Not connected. It is not hard for me to imagine how much more difficult these past 9 months would have been, with out the support of all the people on the Cleft Advocate and Wide Smiles sites. Lonely wouldn't begin to describe it. What a lifeline these connections have been. Thank you, Debbie Oliver and JoAnne Green for seeing a need and reaching out to help the rest of us!

God Bless you all! Check out pictures from our NC Park Day here.

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