Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Making of a Christmas Star

Almost as soon as the Festival of Trees was over last year, I began crafting a star for this year's tree. That was right in the middle of Anna and I cutting out lots and lots of paper snowflakes.

A star took shape pretty quickly from cutting out a snowflake and then gluing it to a dowel, in a few layers to make it 3-D. However, by June, that star wasn't looking so hot. In fact, it was drooping. Mostly because the middle section of the snowflake was cut out. Perfect for a snowflake, but not for a 3-D standing star.

The search was on for a better star than the one I made last year, which I loved :-) And I hope my Aunt Jackie did too, since this is all for her Christmas tree. I found this youtube video and thought I had landed on something. Even though the video is in fast forward mode (!) I was able to make this:

With Anna's help we added the sparkle of glitter. And I liked it. But not enough. Today, I tried again, cutting the points a little pointier (is that a word?) and added some cut outs, like in a snowflake for texture. The results? A perfect paper star for my Aunt Jackie's tree.

Today is the tree decorating day, and the Festival runs through the weekend in Downtown Salisbury. Last year there were over 50 trees decorated! This is such a fun event. Glad we can be apart of it!

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