Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Little Cake, A Lot of Elmo!

Two years. Two years. I can't believe Holly is already TWO. Over the last 6 months Holly has just grown up! She is talking really well. Has great control of "command sentences". She loves to say "Sing. Guys. HappyKnowIt."

And the no-daily-medicine thing is like a miracle to me. Occasionally, Holly still needs Zyrtec. But no Prevacid, no Nexium, no Mylicon and definitely no Tylenol almost everyday.

Although Holly spends lots of time like this:

She also spends some time like this:

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Little One Feather!

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mum2twelve said...

Happy Birthday Holly - I am so glad the dress fits! WHEW! Love you little girl!