Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Fall Fun

Tonight was the long awaited "Daddy's making candy apple night". Sadly, Daddy was a little over confident. When he tried to add a second layer of red candy to the apples, one apple accidentally fell over. Causing a chain reaction. Or what Bill called "a choo choo train of apples".

In an instant, all the apples stuck together. As fast as we separate two, three more were attached. And then as fast as it happened. It was over. All the apples coated and single.

But really ugly. No pictures of that! Here are a few other fall festivities we've attended:

Apple Hill Orchard Field Trip

Bill and Anna may be just under 5 ft

But Lee is definitely taller than 6'

Bill and Michael at the home school science fair. They investigated "why do teeth rot?" Didn't win this year, but there's always next time!

Moved the bunk beds upstairs to Bill's room. He's pretty exicted about that.

See the embroidered towel from our friends in Australia? He loves this towel. It has a special place in his room.
This is just Holly being cute. She loves being in Bills room.
The picture below is her "aww look, sleeping" face. It is also the face she makes for "so sad".

Hope you get to enjoy a candy apple this fall! Even an ugly one tastes delicious!

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The Dawkins said...

Love candy apples...caramel ones too!!