Saturday, August 8, 2009

Simply Sunday

How do you "keep holy the Sabbath"?

Our usual Sunday includes Mass and then as little as possible. Sometimes friends come over or we go, sometimes yard work (that's actually a break from regular house work for us).

However the best idea I heard recently is from my sister. I overheard her say that they have implemented "Text-free Sundays". What a great Simple Solution to really what can be rude habit. Unrestrained texting is like whispering, which you would never do in front of other people, because of course, how rude.

Unless you want to share what you and the other person are discussing, and that's like listening to a golf tournament announcer: Ok for a little while, but tedious if you have to watch for a long time.

Text Free Sunday is my sister's way of encouraging her children to be really present to the people they are actually in the room with. What a great idea!

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