Monday, August 10, 2009

The Plan

The nutritionist from the CDSA came today. At long last, someone "professional" said YES, your child has both milk allergy and lactose intolerance. She may be outgrowing one or the other, but YES, doctors are reluctant to say that a baby has both because the percentages are small, that does not rule out the possibility that your daughter does actually have both.

I am not crazy, over cautious or paranoid. Holly and I do need a plan to get her off the bottle, know for sure about the milk/lactose and off the Nexium. We should not just do it all at once.

So here's the plan: 1. Make the switch from bottle to cup to increase her desire to eat food and need less formula.
2. Once we accomplished this switch, begin to introduce soy milk and transition off the toddler soy formula
3. THEN introduce lactose free milk to see if Holly has any milk protien allergic reaction.
4. THEN try Lact-aid type supplements to help with lactose intolerance symptoms.
5. FINALLY, step down the Nexium again.

She said so much, I can't put it all down. Most important she helped me process the steps we need to take to move forward. Oh yeah, one more thing. Holly is at the 75 percentile weight and 10-12 percentile for height. As she takes in more protein these should even out.

(If you have a child with cleft, look for the CDSA to provide the in-home speech therapy that our little ones need.)

Just so much info to take in, a plan and validation to what I have trying to get help for so long!

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