Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pebbles or Bam-Bam

You decide! She may look like Pebbles, but watch out for that bat.

Holly has, from the start, display a natural ability to be a survivor. She knows what she wants and is quickly learning ways to get it. Her strong will, will one day be her greatest asset. Along with her quick smile!

Although her "wants" today are things like markers and car keys, I know my job is to help her develop "wants" that are actually interesting AND good for her. Like crayons and musical toys.
Because one day the choices will be much tougher to make.

St. Francis de Sales include a reflection on God's Benefactions. In thinking about all that Holly thinks she wants, it is good for me to reflect on my own wants and remember the very many gifts I already have. St. Francis mentions gifts of body, health, mind, freedom, dignity, spirit, even something I have totally taken for granted: "From your childhood God has taught you to know him." How great is that! How much I have I not earned, but been given the gift to know God from my childhood.

Take a minute with me, won't you? To thank Him. I may not have what I think I want, but I am more than blessed by the many, many benefactions of God.

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