Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Our Lady of Good Remedy in the Bible?

YES! The good thing about Feedjit Live is that I can see what people are searching for that led them to this blog. The bad thing is that I have no idea who they are!

Will the person who searched on the title question for this post ever come back? If so, the answer will be here!

YES! Our Lady of Good Remedy is in the Bible. Since OLGR is another name for Mary, the mother of Jesus, I can point straight to the miracle of changing water into wine at the wedding, just because Mary asked Him to.

To be more specific, every line from the actual prayer is based on scripture too. Here's the first paragraph breakdown:

O QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, (Rev 12:1) Most Holy Virgin (Angel Gabriel visits Mary) , we
venerate thee(When Mary visits Elizabeth). Thou art the beloved Daughter of the Most High God (1 John 3:1), the chosen Mother of the Incarnate Word (John 1 and when Gabriel visits Mary) , the Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit (Virgin birth, Holy Spirit is Jesus' true Father) , the Sacred Vessel of the Most Holy Trinity (She was pregnant with Him!).

O Mother of the Divine Redeemer (Mary is His mother) , who under the title of Our Lady of Good Remedy (miracle of water and wine) comes to the aid of all who call upon thee, extend thy maternal protection to us. We depend on thee, Dear Mother, as helpless and needy children depend on a tender and caring mother

I'll try and update this post with the exact scripture verses soon, but need to go to co-op!
Happy Mother's Day Mary!

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