Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mini Cakes


A very good friend of ours has been sending dinner over quite regularly. As a thankyou, I made this mini cake, just for her. She loves to garden and sew. The tulips were inspired by a pillow that she made for me when we moved into our home. Not exactly the same, but "inspired by"!

As you can see, I am still having difficulty getting the corners on cakes juuuust right. Still in my desire for a simpler life, I am not deterred! Is there anything simple about this project? Maybe it was just simply the fun I had making the four cakes from one. And the joy in seeing my boys excited that I made cakes for them too. And Anna's delight in creating her own design, all by herself.




In Asheboro, there is a gourmet kitchen whose motto I have to borrow for the moment:

Don't postpone joy!
Happy Easter.

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Fowler family said...

These are beautiful Holly! I love those bright tulips- how did you make them? And I love the idea of getting 4 cakes out of 1! What a fun idea.