Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter Vigil Cake (inspired by
Oh, I wish I could tell you I made this most of this Lent. That I prayed and fasted and that had made a difference in my life. But what I will tell you is that I did not give up. I have kept trying to do better, be better, answer God's call to holiness. I have not let my failures keep me from believing that Jesus is the answer.

Let this Easter be a day to recommit yourself too. The tomb is empty. The Christ is alive. He loves us even when we fall. Wishing you Peace and Joy!


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful cake! Wow!

One of the most beautiful things about Easter is how God uses our Lenten failings to show us how much we rely on the salvation of His Son. We can't make a perfect Lenten sacrifice any more than we can win our own salvation. We owe too much. But Jesus has covered it all, and our peace is always in His mercy. As beautiful as Holy Week is, I always come to Easter thinking, "Ah! Thank goodness THAT'S over with!" :)

mum2twelve said...

AWESOME CAKE! I wondered who made it! Yup - we made it to the Vigil. ALL of us!