Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oprah's Must Have Fashion

Not too long ago, "O" had those women from "What Not to Wear" on her show. All I remember from that was how important boot cut jeans are to every woman's wardrobe.

Although I am certainly NOT on the cutting edge of fashion (by the time I saw this episode, I think "boot cut" was out and "skinny leg" was in), I certainly took the message to heart. I mean if Oprah says so! I went out and found several pair of boot cut jeans.

I liked them. Except. My shirts were too short. And the shape was well not quite, um, modest. I finally figured out, after a few YEARS of trying to make this work, that boot cut jeans are not for me.

One quick trip to the store and I am happily back in straight leg, high waist, Mom jeans. These are comfortable, attractive and I can wear them with ANY shirt I have in my closet. Perhaps its not the "in" look but I sure am a lot more at ease.

Sr. Mary Martha wrote more on the subject of fashion and modesty. Funny. But true.


Anonymous said...

I think the term "slave to fashion" is more real then some will admit. Fortunately I am so frumpy I am a lost cause.

Joliet said...

I'm glad Holly is sleeping better. I didn't know you all were still fighting the battle of reflux. Every tried Zantac? or anything else for Holly. There are many things that are out that are really beneficial. Normally they grow out of it by 1 and when they don't doctors use other alternatives. You have been so patient. I know it always seems like it's something. Virus', colds, etc. I always like reading your blog it is so encouraging. I really need that now. Let me know if I can help any. I can give you the name of the doctor Joliet saw when she had reflux. I'm glad the Prevacid is working for you all. I literally had to tell the doctors what to do with Joliet, if not she still would have been on the first medicine....which seemed to make symptoms worse. Take care, Valencia

Good Remedy said...

Slave to fashion? I think the power of suggestion is more powerful than I realized! One tv show a few years ago, and it take me two years to figure out what works for me is not the "in thing"!

Be careful little ears what you hear!

Good Remedy said...

Valencia, Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Please send me your doctors name. I defnitely need a second opinion. Is Joliet in speech therapy? I think I need a new team for that too. - Peg