Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before & After

There are many things I wanted to blog about recently, like mid-year school progress or boot cut jeans...but this is what I found today:

This picture in the green is July 2005, just before I began The Light Weigh diet. The picture on the right is July 2006, one year and 70 lbs lighter. It has taken me this much longer to ever want to see the before pictures again.

I've been reading about some Saints lately, to gain encouragement to continue trying to lose that baby weight. Here's what I love about Mother Francis Cabrini: when she was refused to join convents in Italy, she started her own! When she wanted to come to America to help the immigrants, she gathered "other strong women" around her and set out!

She didn't let doubt or naysayers slow her down. That's what I need to do too. Have the courage to go on, no listening to doubters or negative thoughts. Just seek out like minded women and go forth.

God, send me people to meet and help on the way. That we may encourage one another, listen to your Son, Jesus, and find your will for our lives. Amen.

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The Dawkins said...

Wow!! You look great!!