Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Month I Forgot

December is almost over and only 3 posts. Yes, it has been that kind of month. A stomach virus laid almost all of us low for a weekend, but knocked Holly out for 2 weeks. I think she is just now recovering. It's a good thing I don't get wrapped up in the pressures of a commercial Christmas, because, honestly, no energy for that at all.

(Although, I must admit, I am already planning the Christmas tree for next year's Festival of Trees!) Pictures are few from Christmas Day. Yes, its been that kind of month. But here's what I do have:
Sous-Chef ready to help bake cookies
The final product. Neiman Marcus Cookies, Iced Sugar Cookies, Toll House,
Peanut Butter No Bake, Peanut Butter Balls, and Butter Spritz Cookies.
I didn't think this was "enough". However, Martha Stewart gave out cookie boxes with only 4 gingerbread trees. FOUR cookies in the whole box! I need to redefine "enough".

Just before our guests arrive a floor board came lose! Santa's helper was on the job.

This box smells yummy! Where the beef?

The Christmas Card!

To cap off the whole month of sleeplessness due to reflux and the virus, Holly had another leaf in her cleft. Sometime during the week before Christmas, but after our last doctor's appointment, she got a leaf in her mouth, up through the gumline into her nose. A good size leaf too. She coughed and refused to sleep for the entire week before Christmas. I found it on the 27th. After she bumped her mouth on a toy. Now three days later, I think, I think, she is going to be really well. No surgery in sight, no virus or cold and no leaf.

Hopes are high for a very Merry New Year and Wishing Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will!

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mum2twelve said...

A leaf up through the gum line into the nose! And I thought a head cold was uncomfortable! Poor baby.

Wishing we were there sharing the hot dogs and smores tonight.. but as we have a household of colds, the last thing Holly needs after her nose leaf! And I have realized that my expectations of what I would be able to do after birth... well - were totally unrealistic!
Thanks so much for the invite though!