Monday, April 14, 2008

The Power of Reflux

Never underestimate the power of Reflux. For many months I have denied that this was a real condition, that was really effecting Holly's life. Just days after Holly's surgery without the Prevacid, her symptoms were back and worse than ever! Wheezing, coughing, irritable all the time. So back on the Prevacid. And with a slight adjustment to her dosage, I have seen a huge difference in her behavior and general attitude.

Holly may actually be a happy baby, when she is not in pain. Big Surprise. So if you are reading this and have a "colicky" baby, please run to your pediatrician and ask aboutReflux. Or if you know a parent whose baby cries all the time, mention, maybe even many times, Reflux.

Reflux is a huge thing for Holly. Bigger than I could have imagined. Since it was Reflux that landed us in the ER, I don't know why this was so hard to believe. Now with one solid week of Happy Baby in the house, I am more determined than ever to advocate for her. I will never believe that old "colic" label any more. Babies really do not cry for no reason. For Holly, it is a combination of formula and medicine that has made all the difference.

There are still a few more adjustments to make with this medicine, but finally I see a little at the end of the tunnel for Holly, a little peace, and a lot of baby laughter!

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