Thursday, April 17, 2008

The ADD Chair

Some people may never know why their child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. But as I write this I will always know, if that day comes for Holly. It will defintely be her enviroment that will cause her short attention span.

First is the swing, strategically placed in a room close to the kitchen, where I am most of the time, but not close enough to bother her sleeping. Unfortunately, I did not take into account how close the tv is to the swing. So Holly has become accustom to a nice blue flickering blur as she swings and at the age of 3 mos could recognize the theme songs to Curious George and MASH.

And now, an impulse purchase, something people striving for a simple life should never do. I have introduced Holly to the ADD chair. I have been searching for something, anything that Holly would sit in, not choke and gasp with spit up, and stay for a little bit. One day, I took a few minutes to go to Big Lots and buy this chair:

The lights, bells, rattles, not to mention the rocking motion every time she moves. Oh, and the children who stop in the kitchen to play and dance and bounce around the chair. The plain simple walker that I really wanted is now on sale at Big Lots for half the cost of our ADD chair.

Hopefully, Holly will grow to appreciate the quiet of a summer evening, the peace of a restful boring Sunday afternoon, snuggling under the covers with a good book on a rainy day, despite the errors her parents make in these early days.

I will post about the effects of Sleep Deprivation on decision making another time :-) Remember that if you really want a particular something, it is worth waiting. Never buy on impulse!


Anonymous said...

LOL, boy are YOU in trouble!

I have long thought that my husband and I cause Daniel's ADD to some extent. In fact, all of our children's preschool teachers have told us that our children have ADD, so I think we've done damage to them all.

My fears were confirmed when the psychologist tried to help us with behavior modification to help Daniel overcome ADD. I don't keep surfaces clean like some of you overachieving moms. The doc said to make sure Daniel had a work surface cleared of all distractions. His work surface is usually the dining room table, which has a vase of flowers, a stack of unread newspapers and magazines, various papers because the table doubles as Tony's desk unless we have company, an iPod, a camera, a bag of pretzels, two laptops, a paper skeleton, some colorful post-it notes with various messages, and some spare change.

I firmly believe that behavior modification has to flow top-down, parent to child. Holly may be able to overcome her ADD chair because you keep an ordered house. The disorder in my family tree skips no generations! My parents didn't become orderly people until my siblings and I left home, though... so maybe behavior modification flows UP instead of down?

Good Remedy said...

Clarification: My counters in the kitchen are kept neat...most days. The rest of the house has succumb to the chaos. I gave up Martha as a role model when she went to jail. And then realized that even the other Martha eventually saw the error of her Southern Living ways.

As for the top up flow for behaivor modification? Heck yeah! I have totally changed my behaivor now that there is another generation!