Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do you do when it doesn't snow?

The forecast predicated snow last week, they were sure we would get "something". But alas, nothing fell in our county. Anna and I did the next best thing: baked! We didn't even have cupcake liners, but since this was for fun and friends, we plowed on. All the while wistful for the snow that wasn't. I'll keep hoping for snow. "Hey, it could happen."

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mum2twelve said...

That sparkly icing was the absolute BEST! I loved the little bit of a crunch to it. Like the hard crusty snow when you stepped on it and felt as well as heard this satisfying crunch under your boot. That is how your icing was! I wanted to eat the icing off of everyones cupcake!
And they were pretty darn cute too! But I gave my hat away!