Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holly Hair

I didn't even wish you all a Merry Christmas...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The holiday season has been good, really good. Even with a stomach virus hitting the whole family after Christmas Day. Much better than last year (aka The Christmas With a Leaf in Holly's Nose).

However with all the celebrating and occasions to look really nice, it has been Holly's wild-life-of-its-own hair that has occupied too much of my thoughts :-)

First let me say this is what Holly's hair looks like most of the time:

Then when Anna and I both try really hard to tame the tresses, for a special occasion, say Christmas, Holly can look like this:

Hence, the hair cut. On Christmas morning. She was in my lap, the scissors were near by. I just had to do it. And now after a week of snipping a little bit here and there while Holly was distracted, I think we have hit upon a New Look.

New Year, New You works for toddlers too! Now if we can just cut out the screaming....


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness she's so cute!

Happy holidays!

mum2twelve said...

She is ADORABLE and has left poor Cecilia in the dust who had just joined the Holly Hair camp... Poo! But lovely lovely hair cut I have seen it in person and her hair looks so shiny and healthy! Awesome!