Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holly - 11 months

She can stand!

And although back in July, this whole tongue-sticking-out thing was I am trying to enlist the others help in teaching Holly to CLOSE her mouth! Most of the time she is like this picture. So, we are 6 weeks out from surgery and her mouth looks really good. She is eating stage 1 baby food like a champ, but anything thicker causes her to gag. I suppose it will be slow and steady for her to learn how to eat with her new mouth.

As for the rest of her health and well being, she is doing well. Except for the cold that has gone away and returned. That hasn't helped her sleeping habits either. I did receive a little comfort to know Ellen and Joel were up about as often as Holly (when she doesn't have a cold!) and Joel is as healthy as a horse!
How cute are these two?

Holly and Joel follow or chase each other around the hall. Most of the time Holly stares at Joel trying to figure out how he can walk like that! Hard to imagine her 1st birthday is around the corner!

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