Monday, September 19, 2016

Stress and Weight Gain

Have I mentioned that the back to school season is an extremely stressful time for me? Not because anything in particular happens now but because August is when school starts. It's when we stopped home schooling, when Holly two medical procedures, all in all tough times during this season. It has left a lasting impression on me. It's called the Anniversary Effect but that is a discussion for another time. Anyway recognizing this stressful time has empowered me to be prepared to react in healthier ways!

Today, I wanted share what I have learned about Stress and Weight Gain. It's the gut/brain connection in action. You probably already know that when you are stressed out, you eat. What I have discovered is that this is not just a mental thing, it's a physical reaction. I am slowly recognizing that stress actually makes me feel hunger. I mean, put your hand on your stomach and on a scale of 1 to 10 how hungry are you? And that feeling during times of stress is not reliable for me. I can eat breakfast and one hour later really think I am hungry, even though I should not be!

Elizabeth Scott, Stress Management expert for the VeryWell wesite explains some effects of stress on weight gain. One of which is how stress effects your metabolism:

Do you feel like you're prone to putting on more weight when you're stressed, even if you're eating the same amount of food as you always have? Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, causing more weight gain than you would normally experience. This also makes dieting more difficult.

What does this mean when I step on the scale? It means I am probably not going to lose weight.The good news is it doesn't mean I'm going to gain either. There's a BIG HUGE IF right there. 
IF I move more during stressful times
IF I make better food choices during stressful times
IF I am consistent with my Plexus supplements (to help regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings)
IF I wait between meals
IF I drink water

Sharing this here with you in the hopes that you can change the way you react to stress with real actions. If you are interested in learning more about Plexus could help, send me a message on Facebook, Peggy Fisher.  Or you can read about Plexus here.

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