Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sanity Returns

Somehow, we have reached the other side of the rainbow here and sanity has returned to our home. The house is neat and tidy, even if not altogether "clean".

All except one room. Can you guess? Yes, it's the two year old's room where chaos still reigns. I am quite happy to let her change her clothes three times a day, dump out all the stuffed animals and her room.

But this is about life in general, not just our Holly. When the other children were little, I used to pray that I would never forget how hard it is to have a baby in your life. Remembering to show mercy to other mothers of young ones. (I always congratulate a mom with a new born when I see them in church. That is an accomplishment!) Still, I forgot. How totally upside down a baby changes your life.

Things that used to be routine become huge obstacles: like how to get the whole family to Mass in a church with no childcare. Or go to the grocery store with an infant seat that takes up most of the grocery cart!

Now, two and a half years later, sanity has returned. For several days in a row, we have all managed to keep the dishes done, the floors picked up, complete school assignments, do a little laundry and even enjoy playing in the yard together.

Having a baby is totally worth the crazy that comes along. It helps to remember that every day they get older. And to pray not to forget. Maybe this time I won't.

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