Monday, June 21, 2010

E-Mealz comes through!

We had unexpected, but very welcome, guests this weekend. And e-mealz was there for me. I looked through the cabinets, and the menus, found all the ingredients for a Creamy Curry Chicken casserole as well as side dishes! Felt a little teeny bit like Martha Stewart.

Everything wasn't prefect in the house, but not having to drop everything to run to the store really helped alot. Thank you e-mealz. (The link in on the side bar. Check it out, if you are interested.)


Sue said...

Finally I have a Google account and I can make a comment here. THANK YOU for your hospitality that weekend. The casserole was super yummy and totally unexpected on such short notice. Hopefully we will be in our house soon and can have you over. I'll need to sign-up with E-Mealz! -Sue

Good Remedy said...

Sue, You are so welcome! I enjoyed having company. Let us know if you need help moving. See you soon. ~Peg